About Us

When considering a company to provide the vital transportation link to your customer… look for a transloader with the experience, knowledge and the resources to get the job done. GLR is the key to your transportation network, linking the most cost-effective modes of transportation available to get your product to your customer on-time, just-in-time. Moving your products to your customers, finding the best transportation options, saving time and saving money, that’s GLR.

GLR offers a solid background of over fifty years in steel processing and handling expertise. GLR’s facilities have the highly skilled professionals and heavy duty equipment waiting to meet your material handling and processing needs. Your material moves faster, costs are reduced and there is One Source and One Responsibility for the shipping, handling, storage and processing of your products.

“GLR does not just move Steel, we cut it, weld it, fabricate, wrap, move, customize, store, schedule, transload, and deliver it!”

Additionally, we are fully equipped to store and handle your bulk products. Bulk products such as soda ash, sand, silica, mulch and more can be stored at one of our locations, and delivered as you need it.

We are your “end to end” partner, to assure that your steel and bulk products are handled in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible.